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Hourly Rate

Add new pages

Revisit old design

Update mobile site
Refresh your brand
Re-list site on google

Test all contact forms

Update any existing copy

Add new products or services

Update any payment systems

Congratulations your site is done! How are you going to maintain the design?

Now that your site is up and running you will need some extra help with the upkeep! You can choose from a couple of options; reach out when you need or scheduled monthly maintenance. Together we will maintain the design, update your products or services, and keep your audience interested by updating content

If you would like to chat more about these options for your current Wix site book a consultation with me below.

Melanie Morgan Peel SF Social Solutions Testimonials

"I have worked with Sam both as a co-worker and as a hired website designer and I can confidently say he is exceptional! I hired Sam to help me design and launch a website for my yoga and meditation business. He was extremely professional and prepared. I had no idea what I needed to do to get this going and he provided me with a checklist of everything he needed and was there for hands on support whenever necessary. During the initial design of the website - Sam took all of my requests seriously and delivered a design that was very true to me and my business (not his own preferences). During the review process he was not sensitive to feedback and changes I wanted to make but rather very professional and made realistic suggestions. I highly HIGHLY recommend Sam! " - Melanie Morgan-Peele

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