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In this modern era it is a necessity to adapt to the ever changing social market. Clients wish to see your work in one convenient place. Having a website allows you to save time!


Instead of sending several different images, flyers or videos you will have one place where potential leads can view all your eye-catching work. Entrepreneurs, individuals and companies must ensure they stay active within the online social community to let your clientele know that you are still working hard to expand your brand and reputation. What better way to keep them up-to-date than a website?

SF Social Solutions provides a boutique design experience that allows the client to collaborate on a design. Rather than taking it over completely I want to be sure I listen to your needs while still adding that designer touch to your site.

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SF Social Solutions is dedicated to preserving the online presence of your brand. During the digital age, it is more important than ever to have a website so you may adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere of owning a business.  Creating a website is not the easiest thing in the world so I am here to smooth out any rough edges that may need special attention.

Simply fill out the contact form below and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. Once filled out SF Social Solutions will outline next steps in the process, information on website design package(s), current rate(s)* offered and a list of sites that have been published within the past year for you to browse through.


After that, you will need to schedule a consultation by selecting a time within the calendar link that will be provided within the corespondent. During this meeting we will discuss company traits, client personalities & why you need a website for your small business or for yourself! 

Note: If you are a small business and require a design proposal, please fill out the contact form here.

*Rates may vary and are dependent upon the scope of the project.


SF Social Solutions is proud to provide freelance graphic design & branding for any project. 

If you are in need  of a flyer curated, resume revamped, custom invitation or some help with your logo, feel free to reach out! 


Owner, SF Social Solutions

Wix Certified Partner

Nice to meet you, I'm Sam and I am here to make your life easier! When I graduated college online portfolios and websites were becoming more prevalent within my industry. My fellow graduates were in dire need of creating a page to keep up with the ever-changing market. Therefore, I created SF Social Solutions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses face the

(not so) daunting task of creating a website. 

I am here to help anyone and everyone create a solid, yet cost effective, online web presence. By creating, a stable yet eye-catching landing page it lets the consumer know they are in great hands. This is what every guest needs something they feel confident in and I can deliver that!


With every design I provide it allows your personality to shine through in a creative, fresh yet professional manner.  Overall, I am here (like I said before) to make your life easier and relieve you of the daunting task of designing a website. I even provide custom logos and personalized social media banner images to match your site. This generates better brand awareness and continuity outside of your business. 


SF Social Solutions provides a boutique-like service for all clients, I want to be sure that all your needs are meet. I consider this process a collaboration and like all great collaborations I want to place your ideas in front of the people who will make your business thrive – the consumer.






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