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Nikki Wood is a dancer located in New York City and she loves all things 90's hip-hop - especially Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera.  ​ Nikki hails from Sacramento and has big dreams of touring with every single pop diva known to man. So we needed a site that matched her ambitious goals.  ​ When she had me take a look at her new and improved headshots I knew exactly how this design would begin. One thing was for certain, we needed this design to be bold and vibrant to catch everyone's eyes.  ​ This design features striking fonts, bold reds, and deep golds.

Salem Rocabado is an actor, performer, filmmaker who resides in Los Angeles, CA. Their work ranges from indie comedic all the way to mainstream dramatic. 

Naturally, we both wanted to capture that essence of them in this design. We went with a strong minimalist approach and cool gray color theme to tie in with the work they put together as a filmmaker. 

We knew right off the bat we needed an eye-catching image on the home page so we went with the strongest we could find. 

This site is a perfect match for their personality and beautifully showcases and compliments the work found throughout this site. 

Salem Rocobado_HOME
Salem Rocobado_ABOUT
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